The Casualties

The Casualties

The Echo Lounge, Atlanta, GA • November 28, 1999

Spiky hair, leather jackets, stickers, slogans, and angry chants. The New York City band Casualties arrived in Atlanta to play the Echo Lounge to a packed punk audience.

Casualties came tagging along on a tour to promote three bands on the Epitaph Records label. Although not on the label or out to promote a new release, Casualties were the best received band on the ticket. Slamming out their classics like “Got Punk,” every song became a singalong. The moshing was minimal and kept to a small circle in front of the stage and most people seemed more concerned with screaming the lyrics back to the singer. Throughout the show, the microphone was handed out to audience members for them to sing a verse or a chorus.

Despite their repertoire of hardcore punk songs, Casualties have progressed a little past the Ramones three-chord standard. Sweat and bile was flung from the stage as the band tore through their set at breakneck speed. If you’re familiar with their songs, Casualties are a great act to catch. Otherwise you’ll just have to hum along and fake it when the mike is handed to you.

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