Fission Romance The West


The packaging on this is rather sparse and uninformative, which leaves me to guess at a bunch of stuff. The sound and feel of this makes me think of this as a home recording project from one person, maybe with some help from some friends on certain songs. It has that sort of very personal feel and self-harmonizing that makes me think it’s one person in a room with a tape machine, much in the vein of Eric Metronome. Well, whoever it is has done a fine job here. Great indie pop songs, sometimes delivered just through guitar and vocals, other times with the addition of violin, keyboard, drums, or other sounds. This is sweet in feel and sound, even when it’s sad. Yeah, the last track “Scene From A Famous Movie” has got to be one of the saddest songs I have ever heard. There’s a line in there that responds to a line in the crush-centric “Thin Sable Luv” that drives home the hopeless, bitter feeling of a failed relationship. Add to that the eerily mocking laughter of a distant crowd and piano fumbling and you have a song that’s easily capable of weighing down the heart and sending one into tears. So be careful with that one. The other need no such warning labels, though. Sweet and good.

-Esque, P.O. Box 770, Durham, NH 03824

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