Wednesday Again

An Open Letter

Dearest Ink 19 Bastards –

Sorry about the long absence of communications between my people at

Majestic, LTD, and your staff……….I am glad to see that my backlog of

articles is being slowly dispersed to the populous. That, of course, is the

only way the populous can gaze upon the wisdom of a 120-year-old guru trapped

inside this horrid teenage body without losing what passes for their


I would ask you to continue posting my art – err, pieces – from time to

time – and I promise that my two month hiatus from writing anything whilst

soaking in the center of the cesspool the Man sees fit to call New York

City will prove creatively awe-inspiring (in other words – thought my shit

sucked before? You ain’t seen nothin yet!)

If you or your staff sees fit, this can be posted as the ramblings of a

fucked-up son-of-a-bitch……if you correct the spelling errors, of course

(it is time for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and her boyfriend’s new show,

Angel……no way I’m gonna check for stupid-assed grammar and shit while

that piece of work is on the air).

Hope you all are doing well……I am fine. I’ll be sending a postcard soon.

Either that or a dead dog. So There!!!!

Until next time, I’m

Drowning in a Sea of Soccer Moms,

E.S.S. Majestic Enterprises,

Majestic LTD, UNLTD,

in co/op with

Cricket DeVille of DeVille Enterprises

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