• Joe’s – The Quarantini Edition

    Joe’s – The Quarantini Edition

    Joe’s NYC Bar returns via the internet with all its charms and flaws.

  • Becoming Doctor Ruth

    Becoming Doctor Ruth

    A one woman show relating the fascinating history of Dr Ruth Westheimer, America’s favorite sex advisor.

  • C.H.U.D.


    Mutant creatures live under the subways of New York and munch on the homeless. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Honeyblood


    Honeyblood rocked with a great sound, close to perfect if it weren’t for the crappy sound mixing from Baby’s All Right.

  • Shonen Knife

    Shonen Knife

    Shonen Knife’s performance at NYC’s Le Poisson Rouge is a Pop-Rocks fizz of Jap-punk distortions and colorful kitsch. May Terry indulged in the Shonen Knife experience with sushi, Pocky, and some great wok-and-roll music.

  • 4Knots Music Festival

    4Knots Music Festival

    May Terry battled the sweltering July heat in New York City, but that paled in comparison with the hot bands that performed at the 2014 Village Voice NYC 4Knots Festival.

  • Luscious Jackson

    Luscious Jackson

    May Terry enjoyed the Luscious Jackson magic hour of party grooving and bum shaking in a rare concert at New York City’s Webster Hall. Are you ready?

  • John Wesley Harding’s Cabinet of Wonders

    John Wesley Harding’s Cabinet of Wonders

    John Wesley Harding masterfully stages a modern-day vaudeville with his Cabinet of Wonders at City Winery in New York City. May Terry allows herself to be led into this magical world.

  • Kat Edmonson

    Kat Edmonson

    A contemporary American songbook comes alive with the sophisticatedly sweet voice of jazz-country singer, Kat Edmonson, at New York’s City Winery.

  • Saul Conrad

    Saul Conrad

    Saul Conrad may be more coffee house than dive bar, but his Poison Packet is still worth pouring into your musical drink.

  • French Horn Rebellion

    French Horn Rebellion

    May Terry melts the winter doldrums with the French Horn Rebellion’s all-out Nu-Disco dance party at Brooklyn Bowl.

  • Erin McKeown

    Erin McKeown

    According to May Terry, activism can be fun when it’s done with a friendly nudge from Erin McKeown, who delivered a great night of alternative folk with a touch of Cabaret at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC.

  • Concrete Blonde

    Concrete Blonde

    Concrete Blonde’s Johnette Napolitano is one of the most underrated female rock singers of the past 20 years, with a powerful voice that rips your heart out at will. May Terry saw the band and looks for the suture kit to restitch her chest.

  • Robert Glasper Experiment

    Robert Glasper Experiment

    Robert Glasper and Friends find the Wonder in Jazz, and Lauressa Nelson is there to soak it all in at the Harlem Stage.

  • X


    Die-hard fans, May Terry among them, mind-moshed and recalled their early days of musical aggression at Irving Plaza, thanks to legendary punk rockers, X.

  • 2:54


    May Terry squints and strains to see and hear 2:54 in a dim bog of lights and sound at the Mercury Lounge.

  • Corin Tucker Band

    Corin Tucker Band

    May Terry ponders growing beyond riot-grrlism as the Corin Tucker Band plays The Mercury Lounge in New York City.

  • MONO


    May Terry goes shoegazing Japanese-style with the experimental post-rock band, MONO, at Le Poisson Rouge, NYC.

  • Alt-J


    May Terry gets swept under Alt-J’s awesome wave for a night of sheer Fitzpleasure at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC.

  • The Heavy

    The Heavy

    May Terry digs out of the rubble after England’s R&B/rock fusion band, The Heavy, burst through the walls of sound and brought the house down at Irving Plaza, NYC.

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