• Indie Girl

    Indie Girl

    Arne Johnson and Karen Macklin lure young women away from the sofa and to the drawing board. Andrew Coulon thinks the time is ripe.

  • Paul Duncan

    Paul Duncan

    Be Careful What You Call Home (Home Tapes). Review by Aaron Shaul.

  • The Science of Sleep

    The Science of Sleep

    In Michel Gondry’s new film, a young man lives in a dream world as he pursues his artistic neighbor. Good date movie, sayeth Carl F Gauze, before collapsing back into existential ennui.

  • Striking Images

    Striking Images

    Marshall Presnell finds hidden truths about America on the back of a matchbook. Or, in this case, a handsomely printed volume full of reproductions of the best (and worst) of vintage matchbook art.

  • Heavy Metal Thunder

    Heavy Metal Thunder

    Metal up your… bookshelf? For Linda Tate, the memories come flooding back after immersing herself in the denim n’ leather goodness of this anthology of heavy metal album covers.

  • Last Life in the Universe

    Last Life in the Universe

    Master cinematographer Christopher Doyle collaborates with upcoming Thai filmmaker Pen-ek Ratanauang for the first time on Last Life in the Universe. Aaron Shaul thinks it might be the best film he’s seen so far this year.

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