Junior Varsity

Junior Varsity

Bam Bam Bam!


There’s a very tiny genre of music which I like to call “Flintsone Dance Numbers.” It’s sparsely populated as far as these things go, but it’s nice to be able to meet one of its denizens now and then. Houston’s Junior Varsity rock out with sharp little tunes, featuring two chicky guitar players and a clean drummer. Part rockabilly and part surf, with twin female vocals (and the occasional male one), their sound is unmistakably something that every child of cartoon-watching age can appreciate. With plaid skirts and white sweaters, Junior Varsity look like a throwback to ’50s teenagedom. Twisty numbers like “Poppa Burger” and “Can’t Take It No More” pep you right up with their youthful energy, but rebel tracks like “Bam B-B-Bam Bam Bam,” “My Boyfriend,” and “Package Store” let you know that maybe these kids are up to no good. Hang on tight — not a single track here is over two minutes, but Junior Varsity still manage to pack an entire school year in just over twenty minutes. Available as a CD, LP or (!) 7″ record.

Peek-A-Boo Industries, P.O. Box 49542, Austin, TX 78765; http://www.peekaboorecords.com/

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