• Ink 19’s World of Glamour

    Photo Editor Phil Bailey looks back at the first decade of Ink 19 with a special photo essay.

  • The Stillmen

    All Hopped Up (Star Tone). Review by Anton Warner.

  • The Raging Teens

    Rock ‘N’ Roll Party! (Rubric). Review by Anton Warner.

  • Kindercore Presents: Expo 2000 Athens

    Expo 2000 Athens, featuring Josh Bloom, the Parcels, the Marble Index, Je Suis France, Seasick Crocodile, the Wee Turtles, I Am the World Trade Center, Velma, Easy, Sleeping Flies, Eight Track Gorilla, Japancakes, Kincaid, Babalu, Tullycraft, Kings Of Convenience, Masters of the Hemisphere, the Essex Green, Of Montreal, From Bubblegum to Sky, the Four Corners, VHS Or Beta, From U 2 S, N 2 Her, Electronic Watusi Boogaloo, DJ Daniel Collas, Taking Robots to the Prom, Summer Hymns, Marshmallow Coast, Junior Varsity, Dressy Bessy, Birdie, the Sunshine Fix. August 8-12 at various venues throughout Athens, GA. Event review and photos by Andrew Chadwick.

  • Junior Varsity

    Be true to your school! Fresh-faced and clean-cut Junior Varsity are gonna rock the sock hop with their energetic, hip ’50s rock sound! Now the Ink 19 J.V. Athletic Supporters (Ian Koss, Julio Diaz, Phil Bailey, and Andrew Chadwick) are matching wits with the J.V. squad for an e-mail pep rally!

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