Om Lounge3

Om Lounge3

Various Artists


This is the third installment of the highly acclaimed Om Lounge series. It is described as a “stereophonic parlor of global rhythms and high performance atmospherics,” and while that description may be a bit prolix, it certainly is an outstanding collection of down and mid-tempo treats with more than a hint of jazz.

Boozoo Bajou’s “Under My Sensi” kicks off the album with ethereal synths, a deep and squelchy bassline, and soaring female vocals, while Pimp Rekker’s “Mackzen and Relaxin” is a funky, laid back 70’s-esque joint that stays true to it’s name. The ever brilliant Fila Brazilla come through with “Airlock Holmes,” a moving, organic track that requires some serious head noddin’, and “Blue Planet” by Chaser has a slight electro feel to it, yet is drenched with soul and jazz sensibilities. East West Connection’s “Love Music” combines a Latin percussion with a cool jazz vibe, and Solstice drops a true lounge-breakbeat hybrid with “Tenderly.”

Om Lounge3 is a soothing, funked-out masterpiece, from some of the West Coast’s finest producers. Damn fine music to chill with.

OM Records, 245 S. Van Ness, San Francisco, CA 94103;

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