Love and Sex Links

Love and Sex Links

Yeah sure, anybody can find porn on the ‘net. Try finding love…

Well, maybe you should start in Loveland, Colorado… at least they have a chatroom.


Not sure what you really want? Try the Transgender matchmaker pages…


Looking for love in all the wrong places? Well, Russian and Pacific Rim women want to marry…


Found that special someone? Well, let ’em know, ya big dummy!


Try playing a little Otis. Works every time.


No, actually you weren’t the first one to do that. Look it up in the Journal of Sexual History.


Okay, I wasn’t first, but I was the best, right? Not even close. Check out the world’s sexual records:


All righty! She’s the one, right? Well, ask the big question. Scared? Do it by e-mail!


(A note — if you actually use this, prepare yourself for a lifetime of hell. Just a guess…)

This one goes out to the one I love…


If anything on this site sounds familiar, you are either being stalked, or a perv. Get help either way. Stalking resource from Los Angeles.


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