Invaders From A Forbidden Planet

Invaders From A Forbidden Planet

Queen City


Wow, I share an area code with AAJ Records and everything… This is probably one of the better “straight-outta-Tallahassee” records that have come my way since I arrived here nearly two years ago. Why, you ask? Mainly because it’s so refreshing to hear the Tallahassee indie sound have a fresh dose of gender confusion/politics and gay issues injected into it. Sometimes college radio is a little too straight for its own good, you understand…

In terms of sound and attitude, I’d have to compare Invaders to a Pansy Division the morning after. Whereas that “queercore” staple was all about hedonism, Invaders deal with self-doubt, relationship problems, and how your parents deal with finding out that you are gay. Now, yes, there is celebration on this record, but it’s tempered by a good dose of world-weariness, highlighted by the between-song interludes of a group of teenagers(?) and twentysomethings(?) talking about their lives, loves, and parents trying to set them up on dates. Soundwise, the record swings between early Dinosaur Jr-esque freaky guitar scrapings and melancholy Lou Barlow-esque folky stylings, all augmented by tacky lovely synths and strings. Nice record to have.

Albert Ayler’s Jukebox, 1350 Mahan Dr. #E-4, Suite 203, Tallahassee, FL 32308

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