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Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA • April 3, 2000

The hardest thing about this business of reviewing is writing bad ones about nice people, but such is the case with Evenfall. A five piece band whose music I can only begin to try to describe as raw, unfiltered, crunchy, and loud. And that was the most interesting part about it, the pain. Their songs start well enough, with seemingly right intentions, only to be underminded by vocals that seem to take up way too much air space. The harmonies are pitchless and way harsh. Evenfall’s intros put you in the mind of Toto tunes from the early 80’s with a dash of Genesis from the 90’s, and they give you good, solid hope. Unfortunately and remarkably soon thereafter, they simply fall apart like something repaired with bad glue.

Frontman Corey Glaze performs with devotion and sheer exuberance, and was actually fun to watch. His voice is clear and dedicated, it just needs to be toned down and tuned up, and pulled back from over the top. The rest of the band was a way too long and way too gray tunnel, conspicuously deadpan and incapable of matching the energy he was putting out. Maybe the show was a result of the depressing weather or playing on New Faces night to a cover-free audience, but I doubt it. ◼

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