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It’s always interesting when a magazine that reviews records steps up and offers their own release to the public for scrutiny. emoRAGEi is a magazine out of Canada that focuses on the indie rock underground. They have released an exceptionally good compilation featuring known and unknown bands from all over the world. Pleasant surprises were had in the form of a poignant track from the Marato, pop-slanted songs from Test Tone Channel & Flexa Lyndo, the catchy indie-rock-plus-recorder “Disconcerting Conversations” from Multiple Cat, the moody Fearless Freep, and stellar post-rock instrumental tracks from Jullander and Giardini Di Miro. Amongst the better-known artists on here, Silver Scooter contribute a nice lo-fi indie rock cover of the Cure’s “In Between Days,” Billie Mahonie gives a song that at the very least isn’t on The Big Dig, Idaho contributes a posthumous song, the Kiss-Offs give us two songs from one of their records, and Nada Surf starts it all off with “Zen Brain (Vr.Franaise).” Seventeen tracks in all.

emoRAGEi/Where Are My Records, 4142 Bafin, Laval, PQ H7R 5W5, Canada

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