The Days of Our Nights


Poor little Luna. Left at the altar by former label Elektra, who went as far as sending out promos of this record before dropping them, Dean Wareham’s post-Galaxie 500 band has been forced to weather the major label moronics like so many other talented outfits. Thankfully, it hasn’t broken up the band. It does cause a lot of changeover in bass players however. Justin Harwood left after the making of this album, to be replaced by Britta Phillips of Atlanta’s Ultrababyfat. Still, the band has continued with the edgy, dreamy guitar-pop that has earned it kudos galore. Five full-length albums and numerous EPs, comps, and soundtracks (Mr. Jealousy) haven’t seen much change in the band’s post-Velvets/Television sound, and for good reason. It works.

For a band from New York — whose dynamics depend more on invention than volume — to cover “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is a strange move (probably “suggested” by Elektra). For the band to so completely stomp the tune is wilder still. In Luna’s hands, the song approaches poetry. From the opening “Dear Diary” to “Superfreaky Memories” this is the sound of a confident band — not one who sprints to the finish, but rather, like a well-paced distance man, glides without breaking a sweat.

Sire Records, 936 Broadway, New York, NY 10010;

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