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Kelley Stoltz

The Past Was Faster

The Telegraph Company

The first song kind of reminds me of lo-fi Nick Cave vocals over slightly garage (as in tin can) sounding instrumentations. Innocent angst and wide-eyed heartache. Cynical in its purity. The music moves from… indie-goth (maybe?) to something a bit coarser, in a Captain Beefheart sorta way. Keeps you on your toes. Super Casio freak-out basement rock that breathes. Nick Drake touched at times, when the music dares to be mellow, and just free-flying do it yourself groove tunes at others. Almost a Sixties vibe, but there’s something very Nineties in the mix. The indie rock aesthetic prevails over the hippie mellow trip, getting the beats tangled up in long hair.

The Telegraph Company, PO Box 2553, New York, NY 10009;

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