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The Haggard

A Bike City Called Greasy

Mr. Lady

Very often, music critics categorize “girl bands” as a separate genre of music, as if every girl band sounded exactly alike. A quick listen to a few discs from the Mr. Lady catalog easily disperses such nonsense. The Haggard are as different from Le Tigre as Le Tigre is from Tami Hart. Lilith Fair fans may not be taken with the power chord crunching metal sound of these women. The Haggard capture a sound that’s part Tribe 8, part Iron Maiden… petite wallflowers they ain’t! The heavy songs with classic metal “monster” vocals punching out songs about gym teachers and murder victim Matthew Sheppard. While not for all tastes, there certainly is an audience for the Haggard.

Mr. Lady Records, PO Box 3189, Durham, NC 27715;

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