Loren Boyer

Loren Boyer

Des Parasites Risquent de se Produire


Although it may sound trite and played out, but they really don’t make them like this anymore. Des Parasites Risquent de se Produire is one of those strange, anonymous CDs that I would take home at random and puzzle over for hours. This gives me the same rush that I get when I find something horribly obscure and bizarre in a $.99 cutout bin. It’s like a little bit of treasure…

This is Boyer’s debut recording, although he has been playing in the Tallahassee area for years. The liner notes are written by a similar down-home auteur, Davey Williams. Williams and Boyer both play the guitar, and both approach the instrument in extraordinary ways. However, on this CD, Boyer utilizes a lot of electroacoustic treatments to create this lo-fi gem. I was listening to this CD one day when a friend came rushing into the room, breathlessly exclaiming, “Is that the alarm?” I assured him that it was only the music(?) I had on. He gave me a funny look and went on with his business. The focal point of this CD is the 12 minute “Que L’on Bat,” which utilizes feedback that bores into your skull, complemented with a distinct low-end throbbing. At 33 minutes, this CD is the perfect length, and a perfect companion for everything but sleeping. Decidedly great.

Intransative Records, P.O. Box 391151, Cambridge, MA 02139; http://www.visionload.com/intransative

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