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Milk Cult

Project M-13

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Say what you will about those socialists, but you’d never find the US government sponsoring a set of talented foreigners. As the liner notes state, this album is the result of a month-long residency in the La Friche Art Collective in Marseille, France.

Project M-13 features a collection of unique songs, teetering between the electronic and the analog, mixing samples and doomed riffs with abandon. There’s some tropical songs (or somewhat tropical, like “Drug Lord”), a brief Sixties sitcom bit (“Tens and twenties in a brown paper bag”), and “Slow-twisted,” where someone French and female should have taken a day off, or perhaps some Dristan. Or maybe not, it adds a lot of charm. The closing “Detroit Disco Cop” lives up to its title at 90 mph.

This is not “highly experimental” in the sense of creating something outside the realm of expected music; but it is somewhat unsettling (in a good way) to hear so many different approaches from the same core of people.

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