The Ever Passing Moment


MxPx has come a long way from their (absolutely dreadful) 1996 CD, Pokinatcha. The Ever Passing Moment shows a great deal of progression, no more missed drumbeats or out-of-time guitars. Along the way, MxPx has caught a lot of grief from the largely atheist/agnostic punk community for being on Christian label Tooth and Nail, then they got it from Christians for trying to escape the “Christian rock” box. Frankly I couldn’t give a rat’s buttocks about their religion if their music is good.

This is midtempo post-Green Day sounding stuff, for the uninitiated. MxPx is a trio, so don’t expect to hear any solo guitars, lots of multitracked rhythm guitars and backing vocals though. They don’t hardsell their beliefs but do mention them from time to time too, as in “Foolish,” the reference being to how stereotypical punks consider them for having religious beliefs. One of the best songs on the album is probably “Next Big Thing,” really more a power pop song than a punk song, as perhaps could be said of the whole album. On the other hand, punker-than-thous will be sure to point out that corporate control over a band, the subject of “Next Big Thing,” should’ve been expected by MxPx since they began to be distributed by A&M a couple years ago, and especially now that they appear to be full-fledged signees.

This is a solid album of pop-punk; a progression from MxPx’s beginnings, but most of those punks who’ve disliked MxPx from the start probably won’t be changing their minds as a result of this.

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