Telstar Parthenon


Telstar Parthenon is Mathlete’s first proper full-length following two tapes and a seven inch. It again proves that amazing things can come from bedrooms via a simple drum machine, some keyboards, guitar, and a four track if the right ideas are behind the controls. Michael Downey and Dan Marsden write dusty indie pop songs averaging around two minutes with fuzzy electronic blippings finding an apt home amidst their rock-aspiring guitars. Their lyrics have taken a turn away from the techcentric approach they had of earlier days, but it’s still a subject that gets touched on. Hard to avoid ingrained interests. The dance-inspiring “Geekout,” “Steel Wheels ’99,” “Feel Alright,” and “Memorial Hill” are begging to be played on radio or selected for a mix tape, but, well, so are most of the rest of these.

Plastique Recording Co., P.O. Box 223, Chapel Hill, NC 27514;

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