The Killingtons

The Killingtons

The Killingtons


A harsh, driving, almost-shoegazing guitar blur leads into that pure emo-rock vocal kiss. Like the Foo Fighters doing Sunny Day Real Estate songs. Like a car crash on a perfect day in October. It should be cold, but it’s so bright it’s warm. The dynamics kill me, moving from soft and whispered to guitar crunch in the blink of an eye. The lyrics twist around your heart, tighter with barbed-wire chords. “It’s over boy, you’re make believe. Now I stand to kill this super crush.” The vocals get that Jeremy Enigk flavor only when the screams come out, but where Jeremy goes high, here they go into soft whispers, careful breath against your neck, then the rhythm dives in and you’re hit. An almost-ballad falls into the mix, and it threatens to bring tears to your eyes. Floating through you until you sing along, and then it covers you until you snap like an E string wound too tight.

Meg, 747 W. Katella Ave, Ste. 110, Orange, CA 92867

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