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Earth Crisis



And here’s yet another release from hardcore band Earth Crisis. This album has all the elements of any Earth Crisis album: screaming vocals, melodic vocals, and heavy guitar. This isn’t for the faint of heart, and it’s not a very fun album, either. If I wasn’t vegan already, reading the lyrics to this album would be motivation enough to become one. “Mass Arrest” talks about animals being altered and butchered for organs. There’s a lot of talk about imprisonment, hell on earth, and choosing sides.

This album is a lot easier to handle than previous stuff by Earth Crisis. To me, it seemed like the band is like anchovies: you either like them or you don’t. The first track, “Loss of Humanity,” stuck out as a little more mainstream sounding than old Earth Crisis. The rest of the album all blends together into a dark, heavy mass. Every once in awhile, it comes together gloriously; powerful words, haunting guitar work, and a sense of wholeness. Then it goes back to screaming.

I think that it is really refreshing to hear a band that isn’t afraid to write about big issues and who feels strongly about them. Earth Crisis is like a lighthouse in the sea of hardcore bands that any fan of the genre should take the time to listen to. I’m sure fans of the band will enjoy this album, and it may win over some new ones.

Victory, P.O. Box 146546, Chicago, IL 60614,

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