The Villains of Marvel Comics!

The Villains of Marvel Comics!

Have I found God? Oh yes, I have. Or rather, I’ve found Satan, not to mention his son, lesser pretenders, and even the manifestation of Death herself! Holy shit! There’s the Green Goblin! And Doctor Doom! Turner D. Century? The Water Wizard? What were they thinking? No proper villain would go out in public like that!

Yes, this site is devoted heart and fiendish soul to the colorful multiplicity of supervillains that help populate Marvel Comics. It’s a well-designed page and feverishly researched, intended for both the diehard comics fanboy and the nostalgic soul who wants to find out what the hell happened to Dr. Druid, anyway? Each villain gets their own page, complete with vital stats, important appearances, if they died, and scans of important covers they appeared on, plus some great action shots.

It’s divided up along the lines of increasing menace: threats on a cosmic scale, megalomaniac types, monsters, terrorists, those who tread that thin line between villain and anti-hero, then X-Villains, Spidey villains, etc, culminating in my favorite “Guys Who Should’ve, Ought’ve Known Better.” I’ve always been such a fucking sucker for the romantic loser villains. Anyone have any appearances of the Porcupine they’re willing to part with?

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