BOOK REVIEW: Astronomer’s Computer Companion

BOOK REVIEW: Astronomer’s Computer Companion

Astronomer’s Computer Companion
Jeff Foust & Ron Lafon, 1999, No Starch Press,

Well… the universe is a big place, no doubt about that, but the internet ain’t so
damn small either.

Jeff and Ron have attempted to corral the incredible wealth and diversity of
internet sites relating to astronomy and distill it down into some sort of
manageable form that can be shoved between the covers of a book.

They bit off an awful lot, and I’m not sure if it all got properly chewed.

But they get high marks for what they HAVE chewed.

This thing is just LOADED with stuff, from the weather on the planet you’re
trying to peek at some galaxy through, all the way out to the cosmic background
radiation, and no end of stuff in between.

Lotta damn stuff!

Comes with a nifty cd that has a sampler of a whole slew of astronomy-related

But it’s more of an encyclopedia than a book.

Don’t bother trying to read it through or anything, just leave it on the shelf
and hit the index for whatever you’re curious about and then wade in as deep as
you like.

It gets DEEP.

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