We Are Always Well Thank You


Datach’i straddles so many lines that you’d think he’s some sort of deformed spider. We Are Always Well Thank You is much too upbeat to be breakcore, and far too hacked up to be anything danceable. It’s gone so far that I’m going to have to coin my own genre for Datach’i: dementobreaknoize.

“Clownman” is the most evocative title here. It’s like looking through the eyes of a three-year-old child into the face of an obviously inhuman creature, one with a face smeared with all sorts of goo, and hair that looks vaguely demonic. Your parents should be protecting you, but, oh no! They’re laughing with this creature. It’s fear, anger, and the pain of betrayal all rolled up in one, and manifested as a little present at the bottom of your underpants.

We Are Always Well Thank You sees the melodic and discordant aspects of Joseph Fraioli’s sound integrated more thoroughly than on his debut, (rec + play). Tracks like “Free in a Box” are both melodically bouncy and chaotically distorted. They’re savage in their playfulness. Here Fraioli makes heavier use of granular synthesis; every sound feels as if it’s been mashed and tweaked over and over. The most innocuous of buzzes can be fascinating in one moment and mind-warpingly irritating the next. Fraioli has done away with the vast majority of the samples in (rec + play), instead focusing on the layering and density of rhythm and texture. The melodies are for the most part fairly simplistic, but the drums spin and gyrate so wildly that it’s impossible to maintain any sort of hold on them. Subtleties lie in the sounds, but sometimes it’s hard to catch them due to the dizzying nature of the music. We Are Always Well Thank You lends itself to multiple listenings due to the many moods and textures to explore. Besides that, it’s heavy as hell, and will pound your weak ass into submission.

Caipirinha Productions, 510 La Guardia Pl., Suite 5, New York, NY 10012;

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