Parallel Canvas


Dark room. A door opens. Two men walk in. One walks out. Inside, nothing. What happened? It’s mystery, and that intangible goodness that fill Parallel Canvas.

From what I hear, Pollinè are a sight to see live. Hurled guitars, wild abandon, and emotionality. What comes out on record is something different. That energy remains, but is harnessed into open songs. On “Iridescent,” they build tension and threaten to release it, but instead shift into repetitive cells, changing form but never losing their grip on the listener. “Continue A Hymn” is a bona fide lovely track, with the mournful flutes hanging over the rolling drums and guitars. The lyrics seem abstract, but give the sense that they are deeply personal. They fall in step with the guitars that are continuously being subjected to some sort of processing. Pollinè have that unimposing intelligence that is both inviting and inspiring. I’m sure their parents are proud.

Boxcar Records, P.O. Box 1141, Melbourne, FL 32902-1141; http://www.boxcarrecords.com

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