34 Satellite

34 Satellite



Strange recording here, mainly because the vocals seem way upfront, and though that’s good at times, sometimes it leaves the music too far away. Not enough blend. The music isn’t bad, though, just gotta be careful with those production values sometimes. Starting out with an almost indie-pop feel, but also on the edge of some alt.country thing. It’s that desert-drive guitar that makes me think of the cowboy way. A few songs in, there’s a slight turn towards a mellower ballad-type folk mix… but with a twist. The vocals fit better, the atmosphere becomes more delicate. Sometimes hinting at mellower moments of bands like Death Cab for Cutie, but also with a tie to the wanderings of bands like Sunset Valley. Not as inspirations, even, but as points with which to map out a nice section of starlight.

Hideaway, 5418 Westgrove, Dallas, TX 75248

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