Astral Astronauts


The Japanese always seem to come up with the best scientific advancements. For example, just take a look at their latest acheivement: they’ve taken DNA from Devo, Bis, and Man Or Astroman? and used it to genetically engineer four alien kids that mix electronics, guitars, beats, and noise for the new millennium. They’re called Spoozys, and they’re already available at your local record store, if you’re lucky! Ten tracks that combine electro-pop with guitar rock and surf overtones, all on one convenient CD. These tunes will alternately make you dance, pogo, thrash, and reel in amazement — often within the same track. With technology like this at their disposal, it’s no wonder the Japanese have cornered the world market on electronics — and if the Spoozys are any indication, the music world is next! Domo Arigato…

Jetset Records, 67 Vestry St. #5C, New York, NY 10013; http://jetset.sinner.com

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