Viva La Truth!

Viva La Truth!

Just who is the strange man with bushy eyebrows and a barcode on his forehead that I see everywhere? A friend handed me an orange flier that consisted simply of a picture of the man and a Web address on the bottom. I decided to check it out, and I found a mildly disturbing presence on the Web.

The site is like a bizarre shrine to the barcode man. I am in awe that people have enough spare time to create banner links, different styles of posters, stickers, and art of this strange man so other people can print it out and spread the word around. Committed Truth fans can also send in pictures of places where they have spotted the Truth’s smiling face, and if they’re lucky, they could earn Truth of the Week. The dedication to the spreading of the Truth is quite impressive.

Considering that the site doesn’t explain exactly what this so-called “Truth” is, I wonder if the cause is noble, or if it is just a bunch of kids who need something more productive to do, like drugs, for instance. Could the answer to all the lies be the barcode man? Who cares, check this site out.

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