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The Lowdown

Revolver II

Strange Attractors

Some people should NEVER be allowed ANYWHERE near recording equipment. They may stand in the way of visionary “incompetents” like The Lowdown, whose Revolver II is about the most enjoyable and unlistenable hunk of basement studio klutz I’ve heard since the Happy Flowers. The band’s method of riffing away into inanity shows definite signs of obsessive compulsive disorder; fortunately, whenever things get too noisy (or musical, for that matter), the band quickly reverses direction, keeping it real. It’s hard to tell what songs correspond to what titles, but I like the one with some people going “nit-nic-nit-ni-nit” and others “errr-ni-err-ni.” And the one that sounds like Devo dropped their guitar cords into a blender. That’s some hot stuff.

Strange Attractors Audio House, P.O. Box 2827, Olympia, WA 98507

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