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Glue Factory

This Ohio trio pushes out a strong, solid sound, showering more energy through the speakers than many four- or five-piece bands. Mostly upbeat pop-punk songs, with an emphasis on the punk. It’s in the snarl of the vocals and the scream of guitar. Like a brighter Hot Water Music, but still throwing out lyrics that are just not about smiling. The world ain’t a pretty place. The stop/starts catch at my heart, and sometimes it just throws on the breaks and you skid into a perfect slide-through melody. The guitar becomes distant, the bass line becomes a steady beat, and it’s a hi-hat minimal breath of beauty before the barrage hits again. Some songs, like “Everything,” fool you with a beautiful intro, and just as your about to relax into it, it crashes out with something that kind of reminds me of very early Soul Asylum… you know, their good album.

Glue Factory,, PO Box 404-BL, Redondo Beach, CA 90277;

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