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I love having my behind pulverized by some unknown quantity. French Kicks take their inspiration from the best – Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pussy Galore, Pixies, I don’t know. The best. Anyway, their full-on rock sound shows flashes of all of the above but carves out a nice spot for itself. Nick Stumpf’s drums are irresistibly energetic; combine with propulsive bass, a duo of fuzz and staccato guitars, and a desperate melodicism reminiscent of the Dismemberment Plan, and you end up with something intensely new and catchy. “Call Our Hands” starts with an edgy guitar-drum-bass barrage that quickly changes to a bouncy punk melody and an unbelievably hooky chorus. Similarly, “The Piano” wraps somber and slow jabs of piano around one of the most awe-inspiring moments of pop music. This is mighty potent for only being six songs. Experience the Kicks now…

Star Time Records, 244 Sixth Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215;

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