Rock Proper


The music starts out by reminding me of some cross between one of those math rock outfits like Don Caballero, but with a more cohesive melody moving between the beats, but the initial nine-minute song curves down into a minimal landscape of triangle and bass distortion… guitar punctuation and keyboard drones, then a soft segue back into the strength of the beginning. I almost felt a hint of an extremely lush Shellac, or an extremely heavy Scenic. The time changes get a bit dizzying at times, and I spin happily. Songs starting in 5/4 and moving into a basic 9/4 right when you aren’t listening, and your heart skips a beat somewhere along the line, and it’s like a musical crush. The shifts from busy to calm stir up storms in your soul, and you just want to breathe it all in again.

Rubric, 12 W. 37th St., New York City, NY 10018,

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