Christian Vogel

Christian Vogel

Rescate 137


On Rescate 137, his seventh record thus far, Brighton-by-the-way-of-Chile sound sculptor Christian Vogel makes a bold claim for his inclusion in electronica’;s intelligentsia. Perhaps if Tom (Squarepusher) Jenkins downed a few •ludes, it’;d emerge as something similar to Rescate 137, for Vogel mainlines submerged ambient gurgles, percolating break-beat science, deliberately misplaced/skipped rhythms, occasional washes of disembodied vocal or guitar, and general alien attitude into something infinitely more palatable for heads not accustomed to life without rock histrionics, all performed with a panache that’;s smart but not (too) smirkingly so. Rescate 137 being this writer’;s introduction to Vogel, not to mention my relatively neophyte standing in the electronic world, there’;s little else I could say about this record, but if arresting, headcased artistry sans guitars sits well with you, then by all means pick this up  or, more appropriately, down this.


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