Dog Fashion Disco

Dog Fashion Disco

Dog Fashion Disco


As organs grind, the percussion and Egyptian woodwind melody undulates through off kilter time signatures and schizophrenic vocals. Sound familiar? Well, it should, because this is what Mr. Bungle did on their debut full-length album, ten years ago. The novelty spills over like an Exxon oil tanker and saturates most of this well-intended record. Bungle has moved on, but this quintet remains entrenched inside the tongue-in-cheek, oddball sound.

Just lend an ear to “Mushroom Cult” and “Antiquity’s Small Rewards.” You’ll swear Mike Patton and Peter Steele taught this guy the gentle art of destroying the microphone. On its own, the record is somewhat entertaining nonetheless, but it’s impossible to move past the overbearing organs and all-too similar song structures. Although a bit more metal than its obvious inspirations, Dog Fashion Disco aspires to surprise. But when the heavy smoke clears, it’s actually more of re-interpretation than innovation.

Spitfire Records,

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