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Ladyman: The Sleater-Kinney Tribute

Various Artists


Well, it now seems that you don’t even have to be broken up to get a tribute album. Three or four solid albums, and bands start covering you left and right. The latest in a seemingly endless stream of tributes is Ladyman, which has a dozen bands covering the songs of Sleater-Kinney, the riot grrrl trio from Portland, Maine. Kathleen Hannah and Le Tigre sink their claws into “Write Me Back Fucker,” Liz Phair croons “One More Hour,” and even some boys pay their respects, like Blink 182’s blistering cover of “Ironclad.” It’s nice to know that such a good band is finally getting their due. Whether you want to hear their songs sung by other people is up to you, but the album is as solid as Corin Tucker’s songwriting skills.

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