The Braindance Coincidence (Schaefer)

The Braindance Coincidence

Various Artists


Personally, I think Rephlex is only being modest by naming their decade-spanning label compilation The Braindance Coincidence. Aphex Twin’s label is well known for releasing excellent genre-bending electronic music, and it is this dedication to quality, not merely a coincidence, that has earned it the renown it now enjoys. Sycophantic praise aside, The Braindance Coincidence contains 16 tracks, each by a different Rephlex artist. The tunes range from poppy vocoder tracks such as DMX Krew’s “The Glass Room,” to the funky computer rap danciness of Cylob’s “Rewind,” to genuinely fucked-up shit such as Bogdan Raczynksi’s “Death to the Natives.” In short, there’s something for everyone (uh, almost everyone) taken from the Rephlex catalog. This album’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the Rephlex label or expand your electronic music knowledge to one of the truly groundbreaking labels.

Rephlex, PO Box 2676, London N11 1AZ, UK,

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