Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL • March 31, 2001

I was damn excited to find out that I was getting yet another chance to see my favorite band from ninth grade. I was also damn excited to find out that Poison, Enuff Z’nuff, and Quiet Riot were playing with them, and that the whole deal was only $15 per ticket.

Ten minutes after purchasing my tickets, I discovered the other three bands weren’t playing with them, and that they wouldn’t be until sometime in May — I had read the Web site wrong. Something about the different colors of text totally screwed with my head.

When it came time to drive to the concert, my girlfriend arrived home and she was extremely upset that her boss had criticized her for something she did at work. In addition to that, it was raining. Jannus Landing is MOSTLY outside, with the exception of a sort of tent-thing around the stage. Not only was it raining, it was raining really hard. I didn’t feel like driving to St. Pete and making my girlfriend stand in the rain and seeing three less bands than she was originally expecting. So we decided to go out to Chili’s and buy some Molten Chocolate Cake instead. We went out to get in my van, and saw that, like a dumb ass, I had left my windows open the entire day. I didn’t have to push my hand down very hard on the seats, forcing gallons of water to surface, to see that they were… wet! So we took her van, which is a real hunk of junk. After several navigational difficulties, we arrived at Chili’s, and when the evening was over, I had successfully spent most of the remainder of my paycheck.

The last time Warrant came to town, which was our first date, a hurricane hit, and I had to hock lots of CDs to get enough money for tickets. What kind of financial and precipitationalisticized difficulties will I encounter next time around? We shall see…

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