Road To Flight


There is something about this album. I can’t put my finger on it. The more I listen to it, the more it grows on me. The music is a curious mix of electronic music, Jawbox-ish rhythms, and a twisted sensibility that reminds me of• The Dead Milkmen. Consider these bon mots: “I can barely write to someone without being buried alive right in their back yard (from “Internet Killer”). “It’s all part of a special plan to make this world a better place; erase the mistakes we’ve made. Starting with you” (from “FEMA”). “You choked on after-dinner mints. It’s like a backhand compliment• This is where you eat your own grenade” (from “The Last Parade”). “A hangman’s noose is a hallmark for the holiday that kills” (from “Road To Flight”). I really enjoy that last one. Absurdist and at times downright silly, these songs are truly genius. Sell all you own and buy this album.

Resin Records, PO Box 5601, Washington, DC 20016-1201;

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