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Our Lady Peace

Spiritual Machines


“Ten to fifteen billion years ago, the universe was born,” and today I listened to a great CD! While the songs all undeniably have that recognizable Our Lady Peace sound, it’s a nice piece of work with some new aspects of sound and obvious thought evolution. With Spiritual Machines being their fourth album, there’s an underlying tone; a flow of common motion that moves the songs through various anecdotes and thoughts formed in musically vocal interludes. The album is based loosely on a book that inspired the whole band while on tour. Written by Ray Kurzweil, and about the lines of computers and humans being blurred, the influence of The Age of Spiritual Machines – When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence is omnipresent on Machines. New insight or not, if you liked Our Lady Peace before, then you’ll like them again. The sound is still scratchy and broken up, painful, calm and beautiful in their very own way; the writing, while more topic driven, is super witty and oddly ironic. Spiritual Machines is a must have for any fan.

Columbia Records, 550 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022-3211

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