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Don’t expect another mediocre industrial/EBM release that will sit on the shelves of music stores across the country collecting dust. Don’t expect a boring rehashing of tried and true electro formulas that have turned into relics of the past. Do expect to be pleasantly surprised by the refreshing soundscapes of Aghast View’s Phaseknox. Proving their dedication to the unsung heroes of the genre, Gashed have once again given birth to another musical force to reckon with.

Phaseknox begins with “Timeless,” a fast paced journey into a dark world of synthesized beauty. The imagery here contains elements of trance and ambient pieces, combined with incredible beats. “Timeless” excels, with energetic grooves and precision percussion guaranteed to please even the greatest of skeptics. The harder edged “Shallowpoint” dishes out heavy analog sounds with intense vocals. A testament to how well Aghast View turn the tables on industrial music.

Elsewhere, “Opiumoflust” brings on distorted beats with pounding percussion and sinister electronics alongside orgasmic female vocal samples. It is not long before the full fury of the track is exposed and all digital mayhem breaks loose. Complete electro anarchy never sounded so good!

Arriving at the midpoint of the disc, we come across the fabulous “Deviance,” delivering the best-crafted electronic assault imaginable. This track also sets the pace for the remainder of the album, paving a deep gash into the senses. “Slider,” the album’s second stellar piece, paves a sonic journey out of heavy analog sounds and premier electro programming.

There are no disappointments on Phaseknox, which is something not easily said about other releases. Bravo to Gashed for giving electronic music connoisseurs a reason to be happy.


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