The Art of Disappointment


Benjamins are not immediately impressive. They’ve received quiet hype for their simple, catchy indie-rock style, but appreciating what they have can only come after a full realization that they are, to be quite honest, nothing special. Thus, the three quoted steps to appreciating Benjamins should go as such: 1) “What is this crap? It’s not catchy, the singer sounds like he’s punk rock but he isn’t, and every song sounds the same.” 2) “Hey, OK, I remember that song from when I last listened to the album. That’s not such a bad song after all.” 3) “Well, dammit, they ARE catchy! Why didn’t I hear this the first time?”

Benjamins are the influenced combination of Fountains of Wayne, Everclear, and any decent pop punk band. Their rock sensibility is surprisingly good, which is a fortunate conclusion after hearing the album for the first time. They know when to rock, when to break it down, and when to throw in the whoo-hoos. This is indie-rock for those who like things a bit loud • like pop punk with a huge emphasis on the pop and fronted by a singer who could be punk if he just sang with more gusto and less nice-guy-nasal. But all in all, Benjamins are truly the embodiment of “good things coming to those who wait,” because if you give this album a few honest listens, the band starts to sparkle.

Drive-Thru Records, PO Box 55234, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413

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