Extreme Noise Terror

Extreme Noise Terror

Being And Nothing


Half Empty:

Having never ferreted out the Earslaughter record (save for a few scattered tracks), I always felt that I missed out on an essential piece of metal/grind history. Alongside Repulsion, Napalm Death, SOB, and Carcass, the Extreme Noise Terror label was always one to be whispered with a certain amount of reverence. Unfortunately, the first record I heard by E.N.T. was the relentlessly shitty Damage 381, with the relentlessly shitty Barney Greenway (current Napalm throat) on vox. Guess what — it sounded like a weak version of Harmony Corruption. I was hoping that this new E.N.T. record would be like a greatest hits compilation or a live record or something, so that I could hear them in all their grind-tastic glory. Guess what — I’m out of luck again. With a lineup containing only one original(ish) member, its debatable whether this could even be called an Extreme Noise Terror record. What’s the point of keeping the name when all of the members are gone, a band isn’t a fucking franchise, it isn’t a brand name to be interpreted by whoever happens to jump aboard. Fuck. I’m talking to you, as well, Napalm Death; at least E.N.T. has one consistent member. But really, this fucking pisses me off, you keep the name just for its recognition value, but shit all over a brilliant legacy. Bastards. Change your name! Napalm Death without Mick Harris is not Napalm Death. Pestilence without Martin Von Drunen is not Pestilence. Candlemass without Messiah Marcolin (couldn’t resist) is not Candlemass. Pink Floyd without Syd Barrett is not Pink Floyd. And this is not an E.N.T. record.

Half Full:

All things being equal, this isn’t a bad little record. For a fledgling band, I might be impressed by Being And Nothing, but from a legendary name that got this whole glorious grindcore thing rolling, well, pfffffffft.

Candlelight, 2 Elgin Avenue, London, UK W9 3QP, http://www.candlelightrecords.co.uk

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