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Los Straitjackets

Damas y Caballeros!

Yep Roc

I was fortunate enough to see Los Straitjackets from the best seats in the universe, as they opened for The Scofflaws, and I can vouch that Mexican Wrestling masks and surfabilly schtick aside, these guys are some of the hottest instrumentalists you’re likely to find.

Damas y Caballeros! is the best of Los Straitjackets, with the band at its live best. Recorded at a single sitting, this is an hour of mayhem featuring such memorable LS songs as “Itchy Chicken,” “Casbah,” and “Kawanga!,” along with surprising turns at “Sing Sing Sing,” “Sleepwalk,” and “My Heart Will Go On.” Damn. In their hands, I can tolerate listening to that last one.

In between a lot of the songs is stage banter in pidgin Meskin that’ll have you rolling whether you know Spanish or not. Damas y caballeros, aqui tenemos un disco muy especial, muy muy especial. Scrape together some pesos and run don’t walk to your local record store.

Yep Roc;;

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