• Drunken Prayer

    Drunken Prayer

    Cordelia Elsewhere (Deer Lodge Records). Review by James Mann.

  • Subsonics


    Flesh Colored Paint (Slovenly). Review by Bob Pomeroy.

  • The Legend of the Seagullmen

    The Legend of the Seagullmen

    Pad Thai, Richard Pryor, a metal madman, and masked musicians: The Legend of the Seagullmen invaded Cocoa Beach. Ian Koss makes sense of it all.

  • Ham1


    The Captain’s Table (Orange Twin). Review by Andrew Coulon.

  • Touch and Go 25th Anniversary Celebration

    Touch and Go 25th Anniversary Celebration

    Scott Adams travelled all the way to Chicago to scope out the veteran indie label’s birthday. And with Big Black, Scratch Acid and the Didjits, amongst other label mainstays, reforming just for the event, there was no way he would leave disappointed.

  • The Black Heart Procession

    Alternately called spooky and melancholy, the Black Heart Procession really like to have fun just as much as the next guys, even if that doesn’t always come across in their music. Marcel Feldmar spoke with Tobias and Pall, and found out they aren’t ready for the grave yet, after all.

  • Man or Astroman?

    Who would have thought that Man or Astroman? was in it for the long haul? Or …

  • Man or Astroman?

    Interview by Shelton Hull

  • Man or Astroman?

    Event Review by Frank Mullen

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