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Paul Oakenfold

A Voyage Into Trance


Paul Oakenfold was one of the first trance DJs to become a household name (well, in my household at least). A Voyage Into Trance is one in a series of DJ mix albums by Oakenfold that appears to continue with no end in sight. He is doing everything these days, from the popular Global Underground series to the soundtrack for Swordfish, in addition to endless touring. As far as trance is concerned, Oakenfold is not breaking new ground on A Voyage Into Trance, but continues to perpetuate the style that brought him international fame. Liner notes shed new light on the history of Oakenfold’s music. He was first introduced to trance on the island of Ibiza amongst an eclectic cross-section of free-spirited residents ranging from hippies to drag queens. Oakenfold does an excellent job relieving people of their inhibitions and enabling them to acknowledge and celebrate their primal urges. After all, that’s what trance is all about.

Hypnotic, 13428 Maxella Ave. #241, Marine Del Ray, CA 90292

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