The Spitvalves

The Spitvalves

Fine Print at the Bottom

Resurrection AD

I’ve seriously lost count of how many times I’ve seen The Spitvalves live, and Fine Print at the Bottom captures the spirit and excitement of their live show. The Spitvalves are a ska-core band from Orlando, Florida, and their sound is unique. A ska band on a hardcore label might seem weird, but The Spitvalves pull it off. Singer Charlie Bender spits out quick, intricate, tough guy rhymes over heavy, frantic guitars and a talented horn section. Think Mighty Mighty Bosstones minus the bluesy element and add Beastie Boys feel. The lyrics deal with a variety of issues, from rollerbladers to struggling to make it as a band to concert promoters who charge minors more to get into punk rock shows. The screaming backup vocals and frenzied lyrics work nicely together in “One Time.” The first track, “Would I Still Smile?,” is my favorite song that wonders “Would I still have the good things?” if all the troubles in the world went away. The track also stands out because of the melodic saxophone-led horns. Just try and sit still while listening to this album.

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