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The Higher Burning Fire

In Plain Song

Second Nature

To describe something as “pretty” doesn’t always have to be a slight. Actually, in some cases, it’s quite apt: The Doves and Mojave 3 are pretty, as are Starflyer 59 and Low. Such is also the case with The Higher Burning Fire. Pretty in every sense of the word, their In Plain Song debut finds the multi-member ensemble nodding to Five Leaves Left-era Nick Drake here, The Beatles’ most placid moments there, altogether rendering their wispy folk-pop decidedly delicate yet, amazingly, still-there. Ethereal, but still of this earth, In Plain Song’s ten songs flow by and into each other, making the record both a solid collection of songs and a finely woven album. Pretty damn surprising for the usually hardcore/metal Second Nature, but again: pretty.

Second Nature, PO Box 11543, Kansas City, MO 64138;

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