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This is the seventh intense Sepultura album to cross my path, and it’s as heavy and musically fascinating as one should expect from the metal power south of the boarder. Actually, as this is the second original album with vocalist Derrick Green, Sepultura is officially “the metal band of the Americas.” I like that, yes. Nation, though as hard-hitting as usual, to me is a dark album, almost a prelude to an international call to those united under the banner of brutal heavy metal. “Sepulnation” and “Tribe to a Nation” seem to say exactly that. Likewise, on the international front, Sepultura has enlisted groups as diverse as Finland’s Violinist, er “Violencists” (my word) to Dr. Israel in putting together an astoundingly brutal “world beat” album. They pull no punches and sing about the futility of man’s inhumanity to man on “Border Wars,” “One Man Army,” and “Who Must Die?.” then there’s the minimalist experimental numbers like “Valtio” that’s trademark Sepultura: “ok, we’ve sated your hunger for Sepulturametal, now dig this.”

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