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Gerben Rienk Visser and Bob Van Houten


With a couple of notable exceptions (Ernest Ranglin comes to mind), ska has not been a very guitar-oriented genre. Sure, a guitar’s chikka chikka is indispensable on the backbeat, but you’re ten times more likely to hear a horn solo than someone shredding it on the fretboard. Skaguitar is the project of two fairly talented Dutch guitarists, interested in exploring this instrumental oversight, and it works well most of the time. When things click (such as the clip-clopping “Donky Blues” or the gently skankin’ “Funny Steps”), you can’t help but crack a grin and shuffle your feet. When they don’t… well, it sounds like two fairly talented Dutch guitarists attempting to remedy some instrumental oversight. There’s no contact information on this disc and the best I’ve been able to do online is find a European site where you can download the first track on here, “Arizona Dream” … best of luck!

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