Future Groove Collection

Future Groove Collection

Various Artists


International, independent, and groovin’. What more could you ask? Based in London and hyped on releasing total club hits, Force Mass Motion seems to remix everything in sight (hold on to your grandparents!). However, the one thing that makes electronic music very difficult to categorize, review, and therefore, ultimately judge, is that it’s very easy to say it’s good and leave it at that. I’ve heard only one truly, utterly BAD electronic artist in the last few years, and about a handful of mind blowing AMAZING ones. The other numerous attempts have fallen flatly into the vault of mediocrity, which is sometimes worse than BAD. Sadly, Collection seems to do just that. A few tracks begin to break the expected skin every now and again, but for the most part, it’s your run of the mill electronic CD; great for clubs, formulated for dance and packaged to get you moving. If anything, this would be the perfect CD to weight train to at the gym; it keeps you alert and interested, but doesn’t exactly energize you enough to go join the aerobics class. If any of the tracks were playing at a club, you’d probably enjoy the moment but wouldn’t really care to know who was responsible for it — there just isn’t enough edge.

Mute Records, http://www.mute.com

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